Deluxe wilderness camps Ontario
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Deluxe Fly-In Fishing Outpost Camp in Ontario

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Our Fly-In fishing outpost camps are large, clean, comfortable and supplied with necessities:

  • Unlimited Gas
  • Unlimited ice
  • Hot/cold running water
  • Showers
  • Motorola 2-way radio
  • Quiet Solar Electricity
  • Screened in fish cleaning house
  • Wood Walkways
  • Modern Appliances
  • Chest Freezer
  • 4 star bed matrices
  • Gas barbeques
  • All cooking and eating utensils
  • Screened in porches or gazebo's
padded swivel boat seats

Padded swivel seats, LUND 16' and 14' boats with flat sub-floors offer stability and dry feet Merc and Yamaha 15's, 20's and 9.9's for dependability

Outpost fishing reteat

Mojikit Channel - Our banker at the time of purchase said "You just grabbed the brass ring!"

For some of the best Walleye fishing anywhere in Ontario Canada, we top it off with Top Notch Fly-In Outpost Fishing Camps. We have 10 deluxe outpost fishing camp locations on 8 lakes in and around Wabakimi Provincial Park.

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Chipchase Lake
Grayson Lake
Chipchase Lake Fishing Cabin
Grayson Lake Fishing Outpost Camp

Chipchase is truly a deluxe outpost camp, at almost 900 sq ft, it is big on comfort and was built in 2007.

Chipchase Lake is 3 miles long and water depths average 20 ft and at its deepest 50 ft. River access to Grinch Lake makes a great day trip destination.

New vacationers to our Grayson Lake Fly-In Outpost Camp are pleasantly surprised by this beautiful vacation retreat spot . Many say - "It feels like a summer home".

Grayson Lake is 7 miles long with a portage boat into Nikki Lake for added fun excursions.

Mojikit South
Mojikit North
Mojikit Channel Outpost Fishing Camp
Mojikit Channel Cabins

The South camp was newly constructed in 2001. Truly a deluxe outpost camp, it's big, impressive and well thought out. From the 15 foot cathedral ceilings to the stand up bar we designed the camp with the big group in mind.

“The fishing is here is stupid good” in the words of one group as they excitedly explained how their week went...

Mojikit Channel North is a new structure built in 2012 and ready for customers in 2014. It is a beautiful camp which features three closed in bedrooms for complete privacy.

A thermostatically controlled fireplace along with the standard, hot and cold running water, radio comunications, large freezer, gas grill and one of the best features is the large screened in porch!

Pickett Lake
Poshowconk Lake
Pickett Lake Outpost Cabins
Poshowconk Lake Outpost Cabin

Two lakes, approximately 7 miles of navigable river, sandy beaches and a large comfy log cabin, all in a private setting with ‘Natures Showroom' on display.

Pickett Lake is best known for Walleye, Northern Pike and Moose sightings

This is the way it used to be for outpost camps. Propane lights .. No running water but it has a propane fridge .. stove .. and a gas grill and of course a Motorola 2-way radio. This is our camp on tiny Poshowconk Lake. In recent years this outpost fishing camp has been mainly a moose hunt camp, but has very good walleye and pike fishing and a beautiful boreal forest setting
Whiteclay Lake West
Whiteclay Lake North
Whiteclay West
Whiteclay Lake Cabin

Whiteclay Lake is a long 13,000 acre lake with many interesting places to visit and fish. Ogoki Frontier has two camps that are 5 miles apart - above the West camp at the mouth of the Ogoki River. The fishing here is exceptionally good.


Whiteclay North at the mouth of the Moncrief River is a beautiful spot with a bunk house separated from the main cabin. It's a definite feature for those who like to turn in early while the night owls tell just one more story.


Scallop Lake
Scallop Lake Fishing Cabins

Scallop is, in fact, a part of a four small lake series Maddy - Lower Maddy - Austen and Scallop, all part of the Raymond River system.

The Scallop cabin has in recent years seen many improvements: Solar electricity, gravity fed water system with hot and cold water, Large added screened in porch, a shower, Screened in fish cleaning house with running water and a sink, its fully insulated with pine interior.

Mileage from Base Camp
46 mi
35 mi
41 mi
68 mi
Whiteclay West
47 mi
Whiteclay North
49 mi
Mojikit Channel
55 mi
26 mi


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Deluxe Wilderness Outpost Fishing in Northern Ontario - Offering great fishing vacations for 25 years!

Remote Northwestern Outpost Fishing - First there was the Muskoka's then they tried Algoma Country and now for ane even better more remote fishing experience comes Armstrong Ontario and the Ogoki Frontier. Located up in Canada's Boreal Forrest where the Moose still roam free and the Woodland Caribou can be found.