Chipchase Lake
Chipchase Lake Fishing Cabin
Chipchase is almost 900 sqft, is big on comfort and was built in 2007. Chipchase Lake is 2 miles long and water depths average 20 ft and at its deepest 50 ft. River access to Grinch Lake makes a great day trip destination.

Chipchase Lake (1,750 acres)

Chipchase Lake Cabin


88° 31' 58"
51° 08' 14"

Chipchase Lake Cabin

Chipchase Lake Fishing Map

New Chipchase Lake Fishing Map

Waleye Flshing in Chipchase Lake

2009 New Dock see gallery for more

When it comes to easy Walleye fishing - this is it! Here is a three mile lake where the walleye have big shoulders. Lake depths range from 50 feet at the deepest to an average of about 20 feet. You are never more than 20 minutes away from your afternoon nap or whatever. The lake water levels are regulated by natures own engineers - a family of beavers. Slide the boat over and you'll be on your way to Grinch Lake. It's a twisty couple of miles, so pack a lunch. Eventually you'll make it to the Witchwood River flowing north but by this time it'll be time to return to camp.

Chipchase redefines wilderness luxury. The beautiful log cabin was destroyed by fire in the fall of 2006 and in its place a frame structure was built for the start of 2007. The camp is almost 900 sq ft. Chipchase also has a large screened Octagon gazebo.

Standard with our camps, the fish house has running water .. there is new wood walkway .. A solar water system and of course - it is radio equipped. For happy hour there is also a twelve foot wide camp deck complete with rocking chairs.

There are three 14' deluxe Lund boats with swivel seats powered by 9.9 outboard motors.

  • 1 Frame cabin
  • Shower with vanity
  • Solar Power
  • 2-way radio equipped
  • Wood Walkways
  • Fish Cleaning House with running water
  • Sleeps up to 6
  • Deluxe 14' Lund boats with carpeted floors
  • 9.9 hp Yamaha Outboards
  • Gas Grill
  • Octogon Gazebo
  • Private Lake (Catch & Consume)