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Bob's 46 inch Northern caugt at Whiteclay Lake is this weeks feature pike Americal Eagle at fishing lodge

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Did you see that? I swallowed hard trying to stay calm. Over there !! Wow -  that was a big swirl. My brother, the alpha Pike hunter, always says to: throw to the big foam patches. That's were the big trophy pike are hiding. Can you get me a little   closer, I asked my daughter (aka the boat captain) ?

  • 43inch Sturgeon - Greg Toronto ON
  • 44inch Pike - Greg Toronto, ON
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43inch Sturgeon - Greg Toronto ON1 44inch Pike - Greg Toronto, ON2 100_00853 big pike4 photo 25 photo 36 photo 8a7 photo 10a8 photo 119 photo 1910 photo1MA27742240-0001-trim11 photo2MA27742240-0002-trim12 Scott Murnick13 SDC1664714
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It was an early morning like all the others. The morning commute had begun. Traffic on the crosstown was a little heavier than usual I thought. Moving slowly, it wasn't too long before I was stopped completely. Accident? Probably. Great, here goes another hour from my life stuck in traffic. Hmm .. Let's see how smart this Smart Phone is: northern ontario fly in outposts fishing and  trophy pike fishing - enter. And um: fly in fishing resorts ontario and best walleye fly in fishing ontario .

That should do it.

Then came the explosion as that pike hit my lure with everything it had. Then came the pictures - then came the story telling. You know what ? This has been one of the best days of my life.

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Did you know your in the right place for some Monster Northern Pike Fishing action! YES, whether you're fishing the big water of the Ogoki Reservoir, Rapids in the ogoki River- Mojikit Lake or the Trophy Walleye Fishing waters of Whiteclay Lake your guaranteed to see some monster pike action and there is little fishing that is more exciting than landing a prehistoric monster northern pike except maybe trying to remove the hook from his shark like jaws without a disgorger!

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Chipchase -A great place to kick
back and relax!


Ogoki Frontier Outpost Fishing Wabakimi Park

Fred's Group visiting Chipchase


Moose in river

Great memories, great experience!

YOU REALLY CAN RELAX - When you choose the Ogoki Frontier you can relax knowing you have chosen a reputable outfitter. Your hosts Paul and Judy Boucher are well experienced outpost camp operators ensuring your vacation is perfect in every way! They can help you make all the plans for a small or large group. At ogoki frontier, we know what great service, accommodation and equipment means. It means a great fishing or hunting trip!

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  • Deluxe Lund boats with flat floors and seats - They are solid, safe, and comfortable
  • Screened in fish cleaning houses with running water
  • Motorola 2 way radios at no extra charge for your peace of mind
  • Screened in porches and gazebos (bug free comfort)
  • and secluded lakes with lots of big healthy fish

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Hi Paul and Judy.

Testimonial of great fishingThank you again for a fabulous trip to your camp and outpost! The entire experience with your operation was very pleasant and well executed. Our stay at Chipchase Lake was incredible with trophy Northern Pike 45"/ 20 lbs and many in the upper 30's and 40" range. Walleyes on Chipchase and Grinch inlet had big shoulders as promised and we stopped counting at 500 fish.

Thanks again for your hospitality and making the trip a very carefree experience.

Best part.... No cell phone, no email, no meetings, no news. Disconnected!

Hope to disconnect with you soon again.

Attaching a couple pictures of the monsters we caught on tallywackers and Mepps Muskie killers.