Sturgeon Fishing at Ogoki!

Or shoud i say catching Sturgeon while fishing at Ogoki. These prehistoric looking fish are an excellent catch and a great photo oportunity.

Many people from Southern Ontario may never have seen a Sturgeon. It was not until i came to northern Ontario that i first encountered Sturgeon. In the rivers that run into Hudson Bay and James Bay are now the main areas that healthy populations still exist. Two of the most famous rivers for Sturgeon are the Albany River and the Ogoki River.

Sturgeon unlike the Trout are catchable throughout the year and in recent years quite a few customers have hooked onto one in the Ogoki River.

In the spring Sturgeon are in the fast moving water and rapids to spawn. After the season opens mid June they are usually migrated back to the deep slow moving pools and dark corners of the river system reported one of our recent visitors.

Are you looking for that total excitement, that anticipation knowing each and every cast into the ogoki waters that brings you closer to landing a monster and landing a memory. Once you try it you'll know true excitement what keeps our customers comming back!

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Sturgeon Fishing Ogoki Reservoir

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